Full-Time Programs
Radiologic Technology

Imagine a career in imaging. In just 24 months, you can train to become a Radiologic Technologist. In this full-time, adult-only program, you’ll learn everything from patient care to using technology to produce diagnostic medical images. Technical skills are just part of what you’ll take away from this hands-on program. You’ll also learn how to effectively communicate, solve problems and work on a team with other healthcare professionals. Care and compassion are essential elements of this program.

Upon successful completion of the educational and ethical requirements established by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT), students will be eligible to take the national certification exam. This program is the foundation for employment in diagnostic radiography and computed tomography.

Qualified applicants must have completed an associate degree (or more advanced degree) from an institution accredited by an agency that ARRT recognizes. Our program may consider applicants who are within 15 hours of degree completion. The degree must be completed prior to applying to take the ARRT national certification exam.  Other prerequisites may be required for entrance into the program. Additional eligibility requirements will be necessary for admission into clinical training.