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AISS designs and builds interactive kiosks for in-store use. Their interactive adviser systems facilitate instant buying decisions by eliminating the need to look up further information online.

Principal: Endre Ori

Billy Goat Ice Cream

Billy Goat didn’t want to change the world, only the ice cream business. But they may have inadvertently changed the world, anyway. By using goat’s milk instead of cow’s milk, they’ve created a succulent experience that’s perfectly suited for those with lactose sensitivity and yummi-ness affinity. By using all-natural ingredients and supporting local farmers, they’ve created a dessert that’s good for the body, the belly and the planet.

Principal: RaShaun Robinson


CraftUnique is a 3D printer manufacturer and software developer with low-cost 3D printers and 3D printer software utilizing the fastest slicing algorithm.

Principal: Endre Ori

Designer’s Ink Graphic & Building Designs, LLC

Designer’s Ink Graphic & Building Designs LLC is a full-service residential and light commercial design firm specializing in 3D modeling. Serving clients all over North America, they bring building design to the next level by creating realistic, virtual 3D models so their clients can see exactly what the finished building will look like before they build. They also produce all necessary construction documents for the building. Additionally, Designer’s Ink offers a full line of graphic design services as well as provides individual training for users of Chief Architect design software.

Principal: Jeff Dillon

Essai Sciences

Essai Sciences is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in biomolecular interaction analysis using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). Essai also offers pre-clinical testing and analysis services to companies and institutions both big and small.

equivaQ Software

equivaQ Software, LLC is an early-stage technology solutions company serving the 3D modelling industry. When equivaQ Software, LLC was established in 2003, it initially provided consultancy to SOLIDWORKS enterprise users but has since added additional services and product lines.

Principal: Tim Webb

Marine Product Specialists

Marine Product Specialists provides independent marine propulsion technology consultation, engineering and design.

Principal: Andy Logan

One3 Design, Inc

One3 Design provides the highest quality designs and specialty services while staying true to their core values of expertise, quality and honesty. One3 Design specializes in product design, prototyping, and tooling and fixture design for a variety of industries such as agriculture and marine applications.

Local Principal: Clay Martin

Plasma Bionics

With its proprietary cold plasma sterilization technology, Plasma Bionics has developed a cost-effective sterilization device that can sterilize medical equipment in less time, with higher efficiency, and with no water or harmful chemicals.

Local Principal: Kedar Pai, Chris Timmons

Quest RTS

Quest RTS, LLC is a logistic software company that designs asset tracking solutions for the trucking and petroleum industries. Their patented process for relaying data of the location of a company’s rolling stock provides the user with transparency and ease of regulatory reporting.

Principal: David Payne

RPX Technologies

RPX Technologies Inc. supplies prop balancer technology for the aviation industry.

Principal: Omieah Fox

Super Air Meter

Super Air Meter LLC has developed a new test method and device for the concrete industry.

Principal: Jake LeFlore

WayLink Systems Corporation

WayLink Systems Corporation is a U.S.-based technology company specializing in automated highway and roadway data collection and analysis. Its digital-based products include automated pavement cracking and rutting survey, inertial laser-based longitudinal pavement profiling and roughness measurement, pavement right-of-way imaging, and positioning data collections (including precision gyro, high frequency differential GPS receiver, Distance Measurement Instrument, and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)).

Principal: Kelvin Wang

Wombat Labs

Wombat Labs provides mechanical engineering consulting services to a variety of industries. They provide concept-to-production development of mechanical components and systems, 3D solid modeling, industrial design, 2D-to-3D legacy data conversions, manufacturing drawings, technical illustrations, photo-realistic renderings, prototype creation (3D printing, rapid casting, fabrication, etc.), and component testing and validation.

Principals: Jawauna and Duane Harding


Bandit Mowing and Lawn Care LLC



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