I have several employees who need training in a specific type of technology or technical skill. What do I do now?

Meridian Technology Center provides customized training for many businesses in our district. Please call us at 405.377.3333 or email us at BIS@MeridianTech.edu. Our Business coordinators will work with you to develop training specific to your employee’s needs.

I don’t know exactly what type of training my employees need? Can you help with that?

Yes, our business consultants will meet with you to do a needs assessment. This process can be as in-depth as you would like to assist your organization in determining your training needs and objectives.

How many employees do I need for you to create a customized class for us?

There is not a set number of people required. We can provide you with a minimum cost, and you can determine if the cost per person needing trained is appropriate for your budget.

Where do you conduct the training for my employees?

We will work with you to determine the best location for your needs. Training can be done at your location or on our campus. Meridian Technology Center has training facilities that can accommodate two to 400 people. We have several conference rooms, seminar rooms and an auditorium to host training on our campus. We also have computer labs on our campus that are equipped with a variety of different learning platforms.

For training at your location, we have a wireless computer classroom that we can bring to your location or provide access to several trailers outfitted with a wide range of safety training. For more information please visit Computer Training Services or Safety Training.

My employees work during three different shifts. Will you be able to accommodate training during the evenings?

Meridian Technology Center will conduct the training on a schedule that best meets the needs of your operation and your employees. We are willing to conduct training in the early morning, late night or on weekends.

What is the cost for customized training for my employees?

The cost of training is determined by the content, length of class, course materials and instruction. We work with you to determine the best training solution to meet your objectives and budget. Please contact us for specific information.

My company’s training budget is very limited. Are there any assistance programs available?

Meridian works to provide quality training at the best price. We are extremely competitive in our pricing. In some instances there are funds to assist with customized training programs. These grant-type programs are available for both new and current employees. Grant funds may be available to support pre-employment assessment, pre-production training and skill upgrade training.

Can I use a credit card to pay for training?

Most employers prefer to receive an invoice after the first class; however, we do accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. We also accept checks.

Will each employee I send receive a certificate for completing the class?

Yes, for many of our customized courses, a certificate of completion is given for all attendees completing the full class. If anyone cannot attend every session, the certificate will reflect the number of hours attended. If this is a requirement for continuing education credit, this should be discussed in the planning stages to ensure that we provide the correct documentation of the training.

Will I still be charged if I need to cancel a class?

Both parties will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) once an agreement of training, dates and price are reached. In the MOU, the cancellation policy will identify the amount, if any, that will be billed should a cancellation occur.

How do I know who is teaching my class?

We will work with you to understand not only the technical skills that the instructor needs to have but also the type of instructor who is best suited for the employees you need trained.

Do you have wheelchair accessible facilities?

We have several different classrooms and computer labs on campus, all of which are wheelchair accessible. If you would like to provide us with specific information on your needs, we will provide the best possible learning environment for you.

I am not familiar with your campus. How do I know where my employees should park and where the classroom will be?

You will receive a confirmation email with directions to campus, parking and the classroom to share with each of your employees who will attend the training.

If the weather causes Meridian Technology Center to close the campus, how will my employees be notified?

We have an automated phone messaging system that will contact any person currently enrolled in a class about any school closings. If you have provided us with the names and phone numbers of the employees who will be attending, they will receive the automated message. Oklahoma City television stations are notified of our school closings.