Base Camp Summer Camp

Base Camp at Meridian Technology Center

All camps are full at this time, please contact Scott Schaefer at 405.377.3333, ext. 0384 orto be placed on a waiting list.

June 6-8, 2023 | 8:30 am – 3 pm | Meridian’s Main Campus in Stillwater

Campers entering 7th – 9th grades | All camps run concurrently | Registration closes May 19

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2023 Details

Get ready for an adventure this summer! Base Camp is a hands-on exploratory camp that covers three days.

Try Some Variety – Pick Three

Map out your experience with three exciting options!  With this format, you can choose three different areas to spend your time in.

Collide With Your Future: Learn what it takes to keep cars looking like they just pulled off the showroom floor. Get hands-on experience using the latest technology to remove dings from damaged panels. Then prep paint and do away with dents before putting on your VR goggles to take painting virtual.

Connect with IT: In Connect with IT, campers will discover a variety of information technology-related equipment and jobs. After learning about how computers and networks operate, students get a chance to put their new skills to work. The camp experience will simulate a help desk environment where they will repair, service, and troubleshoot personal computers for clients.

Power Up! Energy is all around you, but how does it work? This summer camp will explore various renewable energy sources including solar, wind and hydrogen energy. Campers will work in teams and take part in hands-on projects to understand how energy is created, converted and consumed. Sign up and prepare to get powered up!

Automotives from the Inside Out: It won’t be long before you’ll be in the driver’s seat, and this camp will teach you what you need to know to make sure your ride stays running smooth. Learn how to read diagnostic trouble codes, change air filters, assess fluids and other safety features. You’ll also discover how to tear build and solder an electrical circuit.

Crime Scene Investigation: Step into a crime scene and learn how to solve the case! In this camp, you’ll work with other campers to create a Crime Scene Investigation unit where you’ll put your detective skills to work and process a crime scene. Together your team will gather evidence, take crime scene photographs and start a case file to crack the case.

The Art of Architecture: Learn the core skills of 3D design when you sign up for the Art of Architecture. Campers will put their creativity to work to develop a blueprint for a building. They will then get to bring their design to life as a 3D model using Chief Architecture and Lumion, two of the most popular programs used in Computer Aided Drafting. This camp is ideal for students who like to imagine, design and create.

Health Care Heroes: Be a health care hero and help a patient go from injury to recovery. Participate in the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in a simulated medical facility. Explore medical treatments that may include emergency care, drawing blood, minor surgery and more! Experience the basics of medical care and help your patient get well and go home. Returning Health Care Heroes will be able to apply their knowledge to a new medical scenario!

Infinite Exploration: From extracting DNA to maximizing momentum and speed, connect the dots between science and engineering and the real world in this camp! It’s perfect for anyone who loves figuring out how things work, exploring new ideas and solving big challenges. Campers will work in teams and use technology to transform ideas into reality!

Salon Style: Are you ready to look like you just stepped out of a salon? Sign up for this camp and learn do-it-yourself tips from industry professionals. In addition to expressing your creative side, you’ll also get a look at the science behind the style! Discover how to use simple styling tools to create today’s trends, go beyond the basics of braiding and design custom hair color. Campers will also learn how to make their nail polish look perfect!

Sous Chef Academy: Calling all foodies! In this camp you’ll hone your cooking skills, experiment with new ingredients, and master kitchen safety. Plus, you’ll serve up sushi and get to make delicious recipes to try and take home!


Go All In – Pick One

Or, go all in and spend your entire camp period in one of these exciting options.

From Art to Part: Explore the relationship between product development and machining. You’ll make a custom creation from art to part! Camp begins with learning skills for a take-home project using a cool 3D design program. Once your design is complete, you’ll move into the CNC machine shop where you’ll learn how to create a prototype of your design.

Under Construction: We are going to build it – so we hope you’ll come! This camp will highlight air conditioning and refrigeration, construction and electrical technology, three industries that are at work on most building sites. Campers will work in crews and participate in hands-on construction projects like designing and laying out ductwork, building a take-home woodworking project and wiring a wall. Campers will wrap up their time at Tech racing cars that they’ll build themselves!

Camp Details

Camp space is limited. Register now to ensure your child gets the camp they want, registration closes May 19. The cost is $80 and includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, T-shirt, group photo and transportation. If you live in the Meridian school district, transportation will be provided from your home school. You will be notified of the time and place by letter before camp begins.

Students can attend summer camp if they are from a community served by one of these school districts: Agra, Carney, Glencoe, Guthrie, Morrison, Mulhall-Orlando, Pawnee, Perkins-Tryon, Perry or Stillwater. Students from Coyle may attend, but transportation is not provided. Campers will be notified of their program choice, bus departure location from their area high school and pickup time a week before.