Full-Time Programs
Energy and Power

Energy and Power

Learn about Energy and Power through hands-on projects to understand the interplay of the generation, distribution and the use of energy. Students will work in small groups to research, design, build and evaluate their solutions to the problems they are presented. They will collect and analyze data, study and modify their prototypes and practice project management while learning how to work and collaborate in a team environment.

The Energy and Power program will cover how to design and construct motors, pumps, heat exchangers, hydraulics and pipeline systems. Students will explore renewable and non-renewable energy generation, transformers and the electrical grid to understand how energy travels along power lines. Five types of energy will be covered – mechanical, heat, chemical, electromagnetic and nuclear power.

Students will have the opportunity to learn skills in robotics and mechatronics. Mechatronics is a subset of robotics, a branch of technology that focuses on the design of automated machinery. Mechatronics is a diverse field that includes elements of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.

Students in the advanced program will focus on advanced controls, instrumentation and robotics, as well as electric power technology, workforce staging and safety in the production industry. Program graduates will have the skills they need to move into manufacturing as well as careers in the production industry.