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Digital Media

Digital Media

To get in touch with your creative side, explore Digital Media. In this area, you’ll learn to create text, graphics, audio and videos. Students have a chance to develop their technical skills in graphic design, web development, 2D/3D animation, photography and video production. Specialization areas include Digital Video Production, 3D Animation and Motion Graphics, Web Design and Graphic Design.

In the Digital Video Production major you can learn how to apply technology combined with the newest media to create great media content. Whether you are directing the next Sci-Fi thriller, music videos or comedies, great editing requires great tools! Industry standard software such as Final Cut Pro and Premier Pro are used to bring your story to life.

The 3D Animation and Motion Graphics specialization will challenge you to combine your academic abilities with creativity and innovation, as you redefine reality through 3D design and animation, visual effects and advanced techniques for motion graphics.

If you’d rather focus on using your talent and skills as a Web Designer, you can learn to author and/or script languages to design appealing web sites. This major also explores the basic elements of design and composition including typography, color and information design to develop a brand’s identity.

The Graphic Design training will teach you how to create computer-generated graphics and apply them to traditional print pieces, web design and animation. In this program you’ll also learn advanced digital photography techniques as well as copyright basics to protect your creations.