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Biomedical Sciences - STEM Academy

Biomedical Sciences – STEM Academy

Put your critical thinking skills to the test in Biomedical Sciences! Whether you’re investigating a potential crime scene, offering medical advice to a fictitious family, monitoring muscle movement or evaluating cancer treatment options this program brings science to life through human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology and public health. Students in this program will work collaboratively to understand the most pressing health challenges of today and the future.

The college preparatory Project Lead the Way curriculum introduces students to the human body, cell biology, genetics, disease and other biomedical topics in a sequence of four courses. Students are exposed to a diverse curriculum with a strong math and science foundation to better equip them for success in a science-related major at the university level. When students enter the Biomedical Sciences STEM Academy as a sophomore they are able to take additional elective courses. Healthcare Provider and CPR certifications are built into this program. This program is ideal for high school students interested in pursuing a pre-med college pathway. 

Starting as sophomore? Then enroll in the expanded career major that has 1440 hours. Juniors should sign up for the career major that has 960 hours.

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