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Three Keys to Creating a Culture of Trust
March 13, 2018

Anna IrwinComplex organizational problems are rarely solved with a policy mandate, a training program, or restructuring. These things can be helpful, but all effective strategies eventually boil down to real work done by real people.

“Real people deliver better work when they trust the people around them,” said Marcy Luter, Staff and Management Development Training Coordinator at Meridian Technology Center.

On March 30 as part of the Elevate Leadership series co-sponsored by the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce and Meridian Technology Center, Anna Irwin, a Human Behavior Specialist who’s focus is in the people skills arena, will facilitate discussion and networking on “Three Keys to Creating a Culture of Trust.”

Irwin assists individuals in mastering their communication and leadership skills, ensuring they become an invaluable member on any team they are part of in all areas of their life. Irwin has worked with numerous organizations across the state in an effort to improve their leadership, communication and team cohesiveness skills.  Irwin holds a BA in Communication from UCO and an MA in Organizational Behavior from Boston University.

“Whether you are a leader looking for ways to strengthen the level of trust within your team, or you’re a team member trying to manage up, this session will offer practical and effective strategies to become the type of trusted leader others want to follow,” Luter said.

Elevate Leadership sessions are held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Meridian’s campus. Registration is $15 per session and includes lunch. For more information or to register for the upcoming Elevate Leadership series visit or contact Luter at, (405) 377-3333 ext. 297 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509.

Photo:  Anna Irwin, a Human Behavior Specialist, will lead an interactive session on “Three Keys to Creating a Culture of Trust” at the March 30 Elevate Leadership event at Meridian Technology Center.

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