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Elevate Leadership

  • Tipping Sacred Cows: Kick Bad Habits that Masquerade as Virtues, January 26, 2018
    "Sacred cows" exist and are revered in every workplace – they are the conventional wisdom concepts that tell you to try your best, work well with others and produce excellent work. But these cherished nuggets of advice, in practice, have a dark side that can lead to unintended consequences. During this interactive session, Rebecca Eastham, Executive Director of Business and Industry Services at Meridian Technology Center, will explore some dangerous ways your virtues as a leader can backfire. Based on the best-selling book by Jake Breeden, Eastham will focus on strategies to overcome the allure and achieve real results related to Breeden’s seven common sacred cows at work: balance, collaboration, creativity, excellence, fairness, passion and preparation. 

    Why Personal Drive Matters, February 23, 2018
    Presenter: Jennifer Hladik, OSU Wellness
    When you think about the leaders you most admire, chances are high that a strong level of personal drive will be among their main qualities. A leader who is hard-wired with internal motivation can: consistently turn big ideas into action; overcome obstacles even when circumstances are less than ideal; and set the tone for others regarding expectations and results. This session will equip you with strategies to push forward as a leader and strengthen your own personal drive, so you can consistently deliver strong results.

    3 Keys to Creating a Culture of Trust, March 30, 2018
    Presenter: Anna Irwin, John Maxwell Certified Instructor
    Complex organizational problems are rarely solved with a policy mandate, a training program, or restructuring. These things can be helpful, but all effective strategies eventually boil down to real work done by real people. And real people deliver better work when they trust the people around them. Whether you are a leader looking for ways to strengthen the level of trust within your team, or you’re a team member trying to manage up, this session will offer practical and effective strategies to become the type of trusted leader others want to follow.

    Building Corporate Culture: Spotlight on Rustic Cuff, April 27, 2018
    Presenter: Matt Griffin, Rustic Cuff
    When Rustic Cuff transitioned from a home-based business to a company with products in over 250 boutiques across the country, owner Jill Donovan recognized that corporate culture and consistency would be key to not only the business’s growth but in creating customer loyalty. She also knew that Matt Griffin was the perfect person to create and maintain it. Matt will share how the growing company established its culture, his role as its keeper and lessons he’s learned along the way.

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