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Recharge: A Series for Women

  • Impression Management: Confidence is Key – February 25, noon to 1pm
    Presenter: Alison Lumbatis

    When it comes to business, we’ve all heard the phrase you’ve only got one chance to make the right first impression. The reality is – the first and most important first impression starts with you. When you walk out the door each day, how can you be confident that you can take on whatever challenges the world throws at you? For many women, this starts by looking in the mirror and liking what they see. In cognitive science, embodied cognition is the idea that the mind is connected to the brain and that the body influences the mind. Using this science, researchers from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University have found that clothing can affect our behavior. So, it makes sense that when you’re not feeling your best, you’re more likely to unconsciously not be at your best. Learn how Alison Lumbatis, a one-time work-from-home telecom network engineer, wife and mom of three, transformed her personal yoga pants rut into a booming business that empowers women to embrace and express their confidence by building a functional and fashionable wardrobe that fit their daily lives.

    Creative Intelligence: Creating with Power and Purpose – April 29, noon to 1pm
    Presenter: Chef Tiffany Poe

    We are all naturally creative and, like every other skill, some people have more natural talent than others. However, everyone can increase his or her creativity, just as everyone can increase his or her musical or athletic ability, with appropriate training and focused practice. These skills can be learned, increased, applied and mastered! As a chef, educator and entrepreneur, Tiffany Poe is fascinated by the direct correlation to an individual's ability to create and how that plays out in their personal and professional lives. She’s formulated a recipe to help people master content, problem solving, communication, teamwork, time management and leadership challenges with great success by utilizing these culinary based "creative process" skills. Prepare to reconnect to your inner-creative ability and discover how to use your gifts to improve and empower all areas of your professional and personal influence.

  • Participants will receive the Zoom link via email one week prior to the program. No refunds will be provided. Zoom sessions will not be recorded.
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