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Recharge: A Series for Women

  • The New Rules of Gathering: How to Plan Any Occasion with Purpose | September 15th, 11:30 am to 1 pm
    Presenter: Marcy Luter

    Our idea of "gathering" has changed wildly in the past two years. Since the pandemic, we’ve been introduced to new platforms, adjusted to new rhythms, and wrestled with the challenges associated with connecting with people when life gets in the way. At a time when coming together is more important than ever, it’s critical that we turn lackluster and unproductive gatherings into meaningful, memorable experiences. This session will help you rethink and transform your next meeting, party, play date or work event, and will offer simple, specific changes to invigorate any group experience.

    Know When to Fold 'Em: Walking Away From What No Longer Serves You | November 17th, 11:30am to 1pm
    Presenter: Lorinda Schrammel

    Most of us have grown up with at least a dozen different versions of ‘don’t quit’ embedded into our mindset. We’re regularly reminded that when times get tough, we need to dig deep, work harder and lean in to the pressure. The truth for many women, though, is that when you look at some of the most pivotal moments in life, they’re often the result of saying no to one thing so you can say a bold yes to something more valuable. This engaging session will examine how to know when you might need to walk away from something, how to do it gracefully (even when it’s hard!), and how to learn from the overall experience.

  • These sessions will be hosted at Meridian Technology Center, and lunch is included in your registration fee.

    If you discover that you will not be able to attend the event(s) you register for, please notify Marcy Luter at 405-377-3333 or no later than three business days before the program to receive a full refund on your registration fee. If the notification is within three days of the program, we offer you the option to send someone in your place.
    If paying with credit card, please call Bursar office at 405-377-3333 ext. 322.
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