The Difference

Meridian was the first in the state to use SimMan 3G technology. Previous generation simulation manikins were hard plastic bodies that had heart, lung, and bowel sounds and were used primarily as basic task trainers. The SimMan 3G is far more realistic and allows Meridian to customize training to address nearly any physiological condition including cardiac arrest, hemorrhaging and seizures. Simulation labs have full audio/video capabilities, which provide the ability to broadcast scenarios to larger groups and an opportunity for enhanced debriefing after training scenarios.

The Benefits

Simulation technology can be seen in many of Meridian’s health-related programs including Practical Nursing and Health Careers. Safety and repetition are the two major benefits in training with simulation. Teams of learners can be placed in difficult situations and must think their way through how to care for a patient. If they fail to act or choose an incorrect action that causes detrimental effects for the patient, they are able to learn from the mistake without causing harm to an actual patient. Through repetition and reflection students build both confidence and skill in caring for real patients.

Traditionally students develop competence and confidence while working with patients in a clinical setting. Unfortunately, when a patient isn’t doing well students are often forced into an observation role instead of being able to provide care. In the simulation lab students are not only able to participate in the care of overly sick patients but are able to put theory into practice and see firsthand how their actions affect their patients.

Mobile Technology for Businesses and Educators

Meridian has used the manikins in area schools to provide examples of how the math and science that students learn in their classrooms is applied in real-life medical situations. The portability of the manikins also provides the ability to utilize the technology to train groups at their business location. This allows users to work with their own equipment and in familiar settings so that they are able to train exactly how they are expected to respond.

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