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UAS Photography: Moving from Fun to Functional
April 15, 2017

Photography captured by unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has changed the way we can view the world. In 2016 drone sales were up 300 percent, and the Federal Aviation Administration projects that in the next three years the number of UAS systems will soar to seven million.

What is everybody doing with these systems? It turns out, it’s a mix of fun and functionality. In addition to how hobbyists are using them to capture stunning images, UAS are adding value to a variety of business sectors. This edition of TRIO focuses on how three industries have benefited from seeing things from above to give you some ideas for your business.

1. Real Estate

If you’re in real estate, and you’ve got a property that’s on the market, what better way to showcase it than from the sky? Popular aerial scenes in this industry include showing the entire scope of the property, capturing the neighborhood or surrounding area and providing a virtual account of the drive home that a buyer would experience. In addition to the visual wow factor that UAS photography can bring, real estate agents can also use UAS images to reassure potential home owners that upgrades like a new roof have been made.

2. Agriculture

Farmers and ranchers have recognized that they can look up to get a better view of what’s happening on the ground. UAS technology is changing the way farmers inspect their crops, inspect irrigation equipment and monitor their herd. The real-time analysis that a UAS can provide has the potential to increase the profitability of the agricultural industry, saving the farmer or rancher valuable time and money. It’s projected that the agriculture industry will eventually account for 80 percent of commercial drone usage.

3. Construction

From start to finish, UAS are helping construction companies capture the full scope of what’s happening on their job sites. A UAS can assist in surveying land pre-construction, monitoring progress throughout a job and inspecting the final project. Footage from a UAS can also be the perfect way to update a client on the status of their construction project without them needing to physically be on site.

Interested in learning more about capturing a bird’s-eye view with your UAS technology? Join us for the upcoming UAS Photography course where you’ll discover possible uses and applications of photography using UAS. The course will also cover rules and regulations for recreational and commercial use. Call 405.377.3333 with questions or get registered here.

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