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New Short Courses for the New Year
December 29, 2021

Meridian Technology Center has recently announced new personal and professional development short courses with in-person and online enrollment options.

“We have a mix of in-person, online and blended learning options to allow people to train or retrain for a new career or to simply have fun with their friends and family,” said Titus Lester, Meridian’s Coordinator of Adult Training and Development.

Some of the new classes for 2022 include Cryptocurrencies 101, Keeping Your Digital Life Secure, Medicare 101and Social Security 101. Courses in business, certification testing, communication, computers, construction, cooking, health, manufacturing, safety and security, and transportation are also offered throughout the spring semester.

Meridian has partnered with the Guthrie and Stillwater public libraries to offer free computer training courses. Courses include Resume Writing, Searching and Applying for Jobs Online, and Understanding Spam and Fraud Schemes. Sessions are in the evening and while there is no charge for these courses, registration is required.

Meridian is committed to maintaining a safe environment for customers, students and staff. Social distancing and campus safety protocols remain in effect on Meridian’s campus.

In addition to offering full-time career training for high school and adult students, customized business solutions for local industries, and assistance for budding entrepreneurs, Meridian also serves as a place where district residents can expand their skills and explore their interests.

Each semester Meridian offers hundreds of courses. Many of the professional development short courses have classes during both the day and evening hours and often meet one or two times during the week. If time is a factor, online training is also available.

Meridian has a new set of classes each spring, summer and fall. For a complete listing of this semester’s courses, visit If there is a short course that you would like to see offered at Meridian, contact Titus Lester at or (405) 377-3333.

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