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New Leadership from the Oklahoma Tax Commission
April 5, 2023

For all business owners the question of how to bring about change in an organization is paramount to the success of the organization.  

Meridian is offering business owners an opportunity to sit down with Doug Linehan the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Tax Commission to learn how he made changes at the OTC and how they can apply this strategy to their own business.  

There will be two sessions. The first will be held from 12-1 p.m. on April 20 at The Peak at Meridian’s South Campus in Guthrie. The second will be from 12-1 p.m. on May 4 at the Center for Business Development at Meridian’s Main Campus in Stillwater.  Each session costs $10 and includes lunch. 

“We’re excited to host his valuable session to hear what is new and important with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and how it you can take over and manage and organization to achieve the desired goals,” said Brad Rickelman, Assistant Director. 

Business and Entrepreneurial Services provides guidance, education, and training for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Meridian’s district. They act as a support system for businesses as they grow.  

Linehan came to the OTC with 30 years of global finance and accounting experience. He began his career with Deloitte. Prior to joining the OTC, he led the accounting function, and later, the tax operations function at Paycom Software. 

He is a CPA and received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Oklahoma State University and is currently a member of the Oklahoma State University Accounting Advisory Board. 

OTC is responsible for the collection and administration of taxes, licenses and fees that impact Oklahomans. They are governed by three governor-appointed and Oklahoma Senate-confirmed commissioners. The commissioners direct the administration and enforcement of Oklahoma state tax laws and the collection of a majority of all state-levied taxes and fees through its agency.  

Under the direction of the commissioners, an executive director oversees the general practices of the agency and is assisted by a team of division directors whose staff encompasses the agency. 

To register for this session visit or contact Erica Pereira at 405.377.2220 or 

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