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MTC Celebrates National School Board Recognition Month
January 9, 2015

January is designated as National School Board Recognition month and this year’s theme, “School Boards Make a World of Difference,” couldn’t be more appropriate.

The members of the Meridian Technology Center Board of Education aren’t just your neighbors. They are your voice.

“Members of the board of education help shape the direction of the school,” said Dr. Douglas Major, Meridian Technology Center Superintendent/CEO. “They are the voice of the communities that Meridian serves. Their input is vital to the school’s growth and our ability to continue to provide customized education and training to individuals, industries and communities.”

The Meridian district is divided into five geographic areas. Meridian’s board members live in and represent their district for five-year terms. The current board includes Stillwater resident Gary Johnson, President; Perry resident Sherri Huneycutt, Vice President; Stillwater residents Jerry Franklin, Clerk, and Dr. Joe Williams, Deputy Clerk; and Randy Kellogg, Member.

These individuals play an instrumental role in the development of school policies and are the final decision makers on educational issues that impact each of the school’s partner communities. The board members have contributed to the growth and development of Meridian throughout its 39-year history. Meridian relies on the input and knowledge the board members provide to prepare a trained workforce for not only the Meridian district, but also the state.

To put board members’ tasks in perspective, they are responsible for decisions that influence nearly 800 high school and adult students in Meridian’s full-time career training programs, thousands of people impacted by personal and professional development courses and business-related training, and more than 100 staff members and 30 adjunct instructors.

“We are grateful these individuals have an interest in making their community and Meridian a better place,” said Major. “School Board Recognition month allows us to recognize them for the service they provide us as a school and to the district they represent.”

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