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Millionaire Thinking 101
October 5, 2017

Have you ever considered how investing in rental property could lead to financial freedom?

Rob Lane is more than Mr. Fix-It. Known as the Millionaire Maintenance Man, Lane owns and manages more than 25 rental properties throughout Oklahoma City. His real estate investments allowed him to retire from the corporate world at the age of 40. Lane recently shared secrets to his success in Millionaire Maintenance Man, a how-to guidebook for others who are interested in entering the rental real estate market.

During the October 19 Business for Breakfast event Lane will share how he was able to build wealth through real estate. His presentation, Millionaire Thinking 101, will focus on how to:

  • Think for long-term wealth
  • Make your money work for you
  • Keep your overhead expenses low
  • Find the right tenants

To attend the Business for Breakfast event on October 19, please contact Diane Maddox at or call (405) 377-2220 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509. An RSVP is strongly encouraged.

The Business For Breakfast networking group will meet from 7:30 – 9:00 in Room 104 North in the Center for Business Development at Meridian Technology Center. The meeting includes a guest speaker and provides business owners and entrepreneurs an informal opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences. All networking sessions are free and include a continental breakfast.

The Center for Business Development is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through networking, education, consulting and business incubation services. Assistance is available in various areas such as marketing, product planning, international business and writing business plans. For more information visit or contact the Center for Business Development.


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