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Facts About Your Financials
May 11, 2016

Did you ever consider a balance sheet as a window into your business’s financial strength? Your business’ financial statements can do more than provide you with details about your company’s profit and loss.

On May 19 the featured speaker at the Business for Breakfast series at the Meridian Technology Center for Business Development will be Bill Hinton, Chief Financial Officer at HostBridge Technology. Hinton will share how business owners or entrepreneurs can make the most of their balance sheet during his presentation “Using Your Financial Statement Information to Improve Your Business.”

During the event Hinton will discuss how understanding financial statements can help a company:

• Improve business processes
• Identify trends
• Spot potential issues early
• Understand what bankers and investors are looking for financially

To attend the May 19 Business for Breakfast event, please contact Diane Maddox at or call (405) 377-2220 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509. An RSVP is strongly encouraged.

The Business For Breakfast networking group will meet from 7:30 – 9:00 in Room 104 North in the Center for Business Development at Meridian Technology Center. The meeting includes a guest speaker and provides business owners and entrepreneurs an informal opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences. All networking sessions are free and include a continental breakfast.

The Center for Business Development is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through networking, education, consulting and business incubation services. Assistance is available in various areas such as marketing, product planning, international business and writing business plans. For more information visit or contact the Center for Business Development.

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