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Meridian Selects USIC as Partner in Progress
February 23, 2024

USIC has been named a Partners in Progress award winner by the Oklahoma Association of Career and Technology Education. This award honors industry partners who work one-on-one with technology center districts. Each partner is recognized for their commitment to work with their technology center and students.

In a groundbreaking initiative, USIC has taken the lead in collaborating with educational institutions to create a specialized program to prepare students for underground utility locating careers. The program, developed in partnership with local school districts, provides students with a comprehensive education that includes theoretical knowledge, practical skills and hands-on experience in the field.

The program extends beyond traditional educational boundaries, offering students a unique opportunity for part-time employment during the spring semester of their training, with a guaranteed transition to full-time employment upon completing the program.

“We believe in providing not just an education but a pathway to a fulfilling career,” said Zachary Conley, Career and Technical Instructor at USIC. “Our goal is to foster a skilled and dedicated workforce that not only meets the needs of our industry but also sets individuals on a path to success.”

Graduates of the program can seamlessly integrate into the workforce with a strong network of colleagues. Students are provided a company truck when they are hired part-time while still attending school. They will be working on live tickets and getting paid while attending class. USIC invests in the students to help them transition smoothly into the workforce.

“USIC’s commitment to workforce development is setting a benchmark for corporate responsibility and collaboration with educational institutions,” said Dr. DeAnna Little, Director of Instruction at Meridian. “The company’s forward-thinking approach is preparing the next generation of professionals and contributing to the industry’s overall growth and sustainability.”

While graduates are not obligated to accept employment with USIC, the company’s comprehensive benefits package and supportive work environment make it an attractive option for many.

This innovative approach ensures that students are well-prepared for the workforce, and USIC is making a significant impact on addressing the skills gap in the industry. With locations nationwide, USIC will also help students relocate if they dream of living in a different region.

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