The Next Step Tuition-Waiver Scholarship

The Next Step Tuition-Waiver Scholarship provides assistance for recent graduates from one of Meridian's district high schools. Applicants must apply within two years of high school graduation. They must provide the following items: $100 deposit, written statement of career plans/goals, two letters of reference, final high school transcript and proof of residence. Applicants must meet all Meridian Technology Center enrollment requirements. The application is available through the Career Planning Center and is due by May 30.  

Scholarship recipients are required to pay for books, clothing and any other materials required by the program. They must maintain a B (80%) grade average or higher and 90% or higher attendance to continue receiving the scholarship. The scholarship does not apply to adult only career majors. For more information, contact the Career Planning Center.

Meridian Foundation Scholarships

Meridian Technology Center Foundation Scholarships are available for students who require supplemental assistance for tuition and/or book expenses. Qualifications include demonstrated financial need and ability to benefit from vocational education. The application is available and may be submitted through the Career Planning Center. Applications will be considered for all scholarships for which the criteria are met. Amounts vary for each scholarship. 

Second Year Senior Tuition Waiver

The Second Year Senior Tuition Waiver provides assistance with educational costs for in-district students who begin a program of study during their senior year of high school and need to complete the second year of the program as an adult student.

Secondary students attending Meridian Technology Center may receive a tuition waiver upon completion of their high school graduation requirements if they attended Meridian Technology Center while they were enrolled in a Meridian Technology Center district high school. The student must have attended Meridian Technology Center less than four semesters but more than one during the time he/she first enrolled and be in good standing with the institution. The application is available through the Career Planning Center. 

Otha Grimes/Francis Tuttle Memorial Scholarship

The Oklahoma Foundation for Career and Technology Education administers these scholarships. Students must be an adult enrolled in and making satisfactory progress in a career major at Meridian Technology Center. Students must exhibit an evident need for scholarship assistance.  The financial aid office provides application information to students when applications are available.  

Cimarron Business Women Scholarship

The Cimarron Business Women are offering a scholarship to Oklahoma women who are enrolled in accredited learning institutions during the 2013-2014 school year.  The scholarship application deadline is March 15, 2013; all applicants will be notified by March 30, 2013 whether or not they have been awarded the scholarship.

The Cimarron Business Women, Inc. was founded in 1919 with the objective to elevate the standards for women, while promoting their interest in business and professional fields.

Other Scholarships

Other scholarships are provided each year by numerous community and civic organizations. The Financial Aid Office will provide information to instructors to announce to students when those applications are available in the Career Planning Center.

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