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Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook
September 15, 2016

Most everyone is familiar with Outlook and its email capabilities, but there’s actually so much more to this program than its messaging! As long you have access to Outlook you have access to your information. So whether you need to coordinate calendars, jot down a note or create a custom to-do list, with just a few clicks Outlook can easily become your personal organizer.

Here are three basic Outlook functions that can help you make the most of what you’re already doing and what needs to be done.

  1. Share Calendars

Tired of sending countless emails to try and set up a meeting with your co-workers? With Outlook Calendar you can easily share calendars and cut down on wasted time when scheduling meetings, making appointments or checking the availability of meeting locations. With this function, users are able to assign roles allowing people to either view or edit their calendar. Because users are assigned custom calendar colors, you can quickly find out who’s doing what and when.

  1. Take Notes

Notes are the new Post-its. Just like your favorite form of sticky paper, you can use Outlook’s Notes function to write down anything that you need to keep track of. Need to get milk before you go home? Start a Note for groceries and check things off from your phone as you shop. Need to jot down a question to ask someone later? Write it in a Note and skip sending emails to yourself. One advantage of this function is that Notes can be forwarded as email attachments and even categorized for quick reference.

  1. Set Tasks

The Task function might be Outlook’s best kept secret. This helpful function allows you to keep your calendar from getting cluttered while still creating reminders of things that you need to do. What’s nice about using Tasks is that it not only helps you keep up with items from your own list, but it allows you to assign Tasks to others. With a built-in color coding system, as Task due dates get closer, notification flags change to indicate an increased priority. One of the best parts of using the Tasks function of Outlook is having your To-Do List with you at all times!

This is just a sample of what Outlook 2016 can help you do more effectively and efficiently. If you’re interested in learning about these features and more, check out our computer training courses involving Outlook. Call 405.377.3333 to register.

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