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How the Cookie Crumbles – Easy as Pie Cookie Crumb Crusts
September 1, 2020

How the Cookie Crumbles

Growing up, refrigerated desserts like chocolate pie and cheesecake were a holiday staple. I remember making graham cracker crumb crust by crushing the crackers in a plastic bag with a rolling pin. My sister and I gladly took advantage of any excuse to be rowdy in the kitchen, even if it meant a massive clean-up when the bag inevitably broke open.

Years later, as I consider desserts to make for the upcoming holiday season, I can’t help but think there’s got to be more to refrigerated desserts than a graham cracker crumb crust. A little Pinterest search confirmed that my curiosity was correct. There are, in fact, endless possibilities of refrigerated dessert crumb crusts.

PB & Yum

First, let’s talk about peanut butter. It pairs well with chocolate or by itself. This peanut butter crumb crust uses store-bought cookies such as Nutter Butters to create a simple, rich and delicious crust. I think it would taste great with cheesecake, chocolate pie or banana cream pie. Whenever making a dish for an event that contains peanuts, it is always a good idea to label it in case anyone is allergic.

Elevated Simplicity

Shortbread is like the fancy step up from a graham cracker crust. It is neutral, could easily pair with any filling and adds depth and flavor to the dessert. I went through a shortbread phase as a kid. I know that making shortbread is rather time-consuming, so the idea of buying cookies to create a shortbread crust seems genius. Skip the long process for the same buttery, melt-in-your-mouth results!

The Perfect Balance

I’ve seen an Oreo crust done a few times, so why have I never thought of a chocolate chip cookie crust before? I like this idea because it adds a chocolate element without being too rich. This, like most crumb crusts, could pair well with almost anything. The thought of this crust, cheesecake filling and cookie crumbs on top makes my mouth water.

These are just a few ideas. Take a walk (or scroll) through the cookie aisle to get some of your own inspiration! Check out our Pinterest board to see all the ideas in this blog and more!

Now that you have the foundation, pair these crusts with a deliciously creamy refrigerated filling. Attend our Refrigerated Desserts and More class on October 8 to learn about crumb crusts and a variety of fillings! To register call 405.377.3333. To find out about more courses like this, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter. View all upcoming courses in our digital catalog.

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