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Creating a Custom Website
January 1, 2017

Weebly has cracked the code to creating websites with ease. This drag and drop website builder is designed to help you take your ideas and share them with the world. With the wide variety of free or low-cost website builders, why choose Weebly? The simple answer is that it’s so user friendly that you could start and finish a new website on a weeknight. Benefits of using Weebly include:

1. Template Variety

Weebly offers a variety of templates for your website. Creating an online store? There’s a template for that. Need a website to showcase your portfolio? There’s one for that too. Planning an event and need a website for it? We think you get the point. Weebly isn’t without options.

2. E-Commerce Solutions

Weebly’s e-commerce possibilities appear to be endless. From its shopping cart to checking out, it offers everything your customers will need. Customers aren’t the only people who will be happy with this site’s e-commerce features. From a business owner’s perspective, built-in benefits of inventory control, automatic tax calculation, real-time shipping options, integrated email campaigns and customized automated purchase emails show that Weebly has your wants and needs in mind.

3. Available Apps

Weebly’s iPhone and Android apps make it possible for you to manage your website from your smartphone or mobile device. Just log into your site and start making changes. It really is that easy. Speaking of apps. Weebly has free and paid apps that enable you to customize your website. So whether you want to send people to your site, increase your sales or enable social media sharing, chances are Weebly has an app for that. Incorporating apps are as easy as adding text, photos or videos. You simply find an app you want, tap it and go

If you’re interested in learning how to create your own website using Weebly visit the computer section of our catalog. Call 405.377.3333 to register.


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