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Meridian Graduates Contribute More Than 3,050 Community Service Hours During Their Time at Tech
June 6, 2018

For students attending Meridian Technology Center, the last two years haven’t just been about what they get from coming to class. It’s also been about what they give.

As part of the school’s Citizenship-Ready endorsement, students at Meridian have an opportunity to be recognized for their contributions to the community. During their time at Tech 97 students documented more than 3050 community service hours.

“When students attend Meridian, we want to help them be prepared for life,” said Jeanie Zagar, Executive Director, Career Planning/Career Development. “We focus on the academic success that will prepare them to enter the workforce or college through Career-Ready and College-Ready Credentials, and we also emphasize the difference they can make in the community through service.”

Perkins student Hope Purdy is one of the students who received the Citizenship-Ready endorsement this year. During her time at Tech, she helped support two families in need during the holidays, raised money for the Special Olympics, participated in the school’s Harvest II food drive and worked concessions at Oklahoma State University football games for her youth group.

“I grew up seeing my parents volunteer and help others, and this was something I knew I could do too,” she said of her volunteer time. “It makes me feel good to know that I can help someone else.”

Students who participated in the initiative volunteered an average of 31.6 hours. Some of the agencies that have benefitted from student engagement include Wings of Hope, Special Olympics, Harvest II, Girl Scouts, Habitat for Humanity, the Humane Society and the United Methodist Church Food Pantry.

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