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Meridian Alumna Transitions From Teaching in Clinicals to the Classroom
March 9, 2021

Paige Haywood’s interest in radiologic technology started at Meridian’s sister school, Canadian Valley Technology Center, and came full circle last month when she began her teaching career at Meridian Technology Center.

“I remember touring the hospital as a part of the Health Careers program at Canadian Valley,” Haywood said. “I was really interested in the mix of patient care and technology that radiologic technology offered.”

Haywood brings a passion for teaching and industry experience to Meridian. She started her career as a radiologic technologist at Ponca City Medical Center in 2007. When Edmond Integris Hospital opened their doors four years later, Haywood took the opportunity to be on the team planning and opening the radiology department. After learning the ins and outs of starting and running a radiology clinic, she was promoted to supervisor in 2014.

While teaching was never part of Haywood’s plan, she enjoyed the interactions she had with students during their clinical rotations at Integris.

“I wanted to have the opportunity to teach every day,” she said. “When the position at Meridian became available, I knew it was the right time to begin teaching full time.”

Preparing for her new role, Haywood thought about instructors who made a difference in her education and career. She hopes to help students in the same way.

“I can have a lasting impact on students through teaching.” Haywood said. “The things that I teach them will stick with them. Twenty years down the road they might remember the example I used or how I helped them understand something in the classroom.”

Haywood received her training in Radiologic Technology at Meridian Technology Center. Her passion led her to complete her Associate of Applied Science at Northern Oklahoma College and her Bachelor of Science at Oklahoma University College of Medicine.

When she’s not in the classroom, Haywood and her husband enjoy the outdoors and love to kayak and hike. Their dogs Gretchen and Keanu usually tag along for the ride.

Radiologic Technology at Meridian

Meridian’s Radiologic Technology program teaches students to produce medical images of the human body using X-rays for use in diagnosing medical conditions and disease. The radiologic technologist, also known as a radiographer, follows physicians’ orders precisely and conforms to regulations concerning the use of ionizing radiation to protect themselves, patients and co-workers from unnecessary exposure. In addition, the radiologic technologist must practice effective communication, problem-solving, patient care and technical skills. The training offers opportunities in both clinical and laboratory settings fully equipped with digital and computed radiography that parallel the modern medical imaging industry.

Technical skills are just part of what students take away from this 24-month, hands-on program. They also learn how to communicate with patients, solve problems and work on a team with other health care professionals. Care and compassion are essential elements of this program.

Upon successful completion of the educational and ethical requirements established by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT), students will be prepared to take the national certification exam. This program is the foundation for employment in diagnostic radiography and computed tomography.

To learn more about Radiologic Technology at Meridian visit The program is currently seeking applicants for fall 2021 classes and typically admits 10-12 students each year. Applicants must attend an orientation offered each spring to be considered an eligible candidate. Contact Program Administration at 405.377.3333 to schedule an orientation and request program information.

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