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CBD Welcomes Three New Businesses
June 15, 2017

Three new companies have made the Meridian Technology Center for Business Development (CBD) their corporate headquarters. Super Air Meter, Quest RTS, LLC and equivaQ Software, LLC have recently moved into the Center and are building their businesses locally.

Super Air Meter produces a testing device that measures both the air void size and air volume of fresh concrete. Based on the research of Tyler Ley, an Associate Professor of Structural Engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU), and Jake LaFlore, an Engineering Research Assistant also at OSU, the Super Air Meter is a modified version of the concrete industry’s current pressure method testing device. In as little as 10 minutes companies who use the Super Air Meter are able to ensure that the concrete they are using will be able to withstand freezing temperatures. The Super Air Meter is already on the market and is currently being used in 37 states, five countries and by the Federal Highway Administration’s Mobile Concrete Lab and Turner Fairbanks Lab.

Quest RTS is a logistics software company that designs asset tracking solutions for the trucking and petroleum industries. Owner Tony Payne has commercialized a patented process for relaying data of the location of a company’s rolling stock. Using Quest RTS software, users are able to pinpoint exactly where their product is, helping them maintain accurate regulatory reporting.

The third company is equivaQ Software, LLC, an early-stage technology solutions company. Founded by Tim Webb, a product engineer and 3D database administrator, the company serves the 3D modelling industry. When equivaQ Software was established in 2003, it initially provided consultancy to SOLIDWORKS enterprise users but has since added additional services and product lines.

Build Any Business Locally

The CBD assists in the business growth and development process of young companies by providing essential space and services for business incubation. Business incubation is a focused process including management guidance, technical assistance and consulting tailored to young, growing companies. Current tenant businesses range from ice cream made with goat’s milk to a company that provides independent marine propulsion technology consultation, engineering and design.

Incubator clients also have access to many infrastructure needs of new companies, such as high quality office and lab space, meeting rooms and a physical address. Companies can be residential or virtual tenants of the Center for Business Development. Residential Tenants access services and rent dedicated office or lab space for up to three years. Virtual Tenants access services but do not rent space. Clients can move easily between both tenant types depending on their business needs and situation.

The Journal Record recently named the CBD Incubator of the Year during their Small Business Awards Luncheon. As one of 40 Oklahoma Certified Incubators, the CBD is a 25,000-square-foot facility with flexible space that includes 2- and 4-person offices and light industrial space. To learn more about the business incubation services at Meridian Technology Center visit or call (405) 377-3333 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509.

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