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Candy Making and the Magic of Maple Syrup
November 16, 2020

Candy Making and the Magic of Maple Syrup

Growing up, The Little House on the Prairie books were a big deal in my house. We were reading “Little House in the Big Woods” for probably the third time when we were home from school because of a blizzard. We thought it was the coolest thing when they used boiling maple syrup to make snow candy, so we headed outside to make our own. Although 14 years have passed since then, I’m transported back to that sweet memory whenever snow starts to fall.

This got me thinking about how versatile maple syrup can be. High-quality maple syrup offers full-bodied flavor with just one pour. With the holidays approaching and cooler weather on its heels, there’s no better time to think about maple-flavored candy!

Salted Maple Pecan Brittle

I was excited to come across this recipe, which does not contain peanuts. I’m not a peanut fan, and many people are allergic, so this is an excellent option for family events. Brittle is one of those gems that stays good for two months if you store it properly – which means you can make a large batch and have it on hand as a dessert or gift. What’s not to love?

Old Fashioned Maple Sugar Candies

I pulled this recipe from The Little House on the Prairie. It is the simplest recipe you’ll ever make, and the finished product tastes like you worked for days perfecting the recipe. The only ingredient is maple syrup, and you can pour it into a dish or use candy molds. The style of candy is a soft product, and you’ll want to make sure you do not skimp on the maple syrup quality. Vermont maple syrup is my favorite type of high-quality maple syrup to ensure a flavorful candy that does not taste like corn syrup.

Maple Cream

It may be debatable if maple cream is actually candy, but I would eat it all day long, so you need to know about it. Maple cream, also known as maple butter, takes some elbow grease to make but is worth the work. I would use this on my pancakes and ice cream. I’ve also heard of people using it in oatmeal, as frosting or on toast. Can you imagine brownies frosted with maple cream frosting? Delicious!

All of the ideas mentioned are a great start for your holiday cooking list, but if the thought of candy making seems a little out of reach, we have you covered. Sign up for our Candy Making class on December 14 to learn ­­about recipes and techniques to make candy that will wow your family and friends. Brittles, fudge and bonbons are just a few of the goodies you will make. To register call 405.377.3333. To find out about more courses like this, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter. View all of our upcoming courses in our digital catalog.

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