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Meridian Launches Program to Help People Be READY for Their Next Employment Opportunity
July 17, 2020

Now is the time to get READY for your next career move.

Meridian Technology Center’s new Be READY program, Real-life Education and Development for You, is designed to help people sharpen their skills and earn nationally-recognized certifications.

“Be READY is a program designed to help individuals set themselves apart in a competitive job market,” explained Dr. Rebecca Eastham, Executive Director of Business and Industry Services at Meridian.

Be READY courses are self-paced, online and offer flexible scheduling.

“We wanted to offer variety in terms of not only what content we provided but how it was delivered,” Eastham added.

Courses in the Be READY series include a National Career Readiness Certificate by ACT; OSHA 10 in either the general industry or construction category; Medic First Aid/CPR certification; professional skills certification; and job search and interview preparation.

The National Career Readiness Certificate verifies and certifies essential functional skills for the workplace. Courses are related to mathematics, graphic literacy and understanding workplace documents. The OHSA 10 and Medic First Aid/CPR courses help support workplace safety.

“When people complete the program and start to apply for jobs, they will be truly work-ready with in-demand industry certifications that demonstrate skills, initiative and a desire to succeed,” Eastham elaborated.

Individuals can register for the entire series or individual courses. For complete descriptions of each certification track or to enroll, visit


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