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How Baking Works: Tasteful Tradeoffs
June 15, 2018

How Baking Works: Tasteful Tradeoffs

How many times have you started a recipe and then realize you’re missing an ingredient?

More often than not you probably don’t stop what you’re doing and run to the store. You probably take a quick look through your kitchen to see what you have on hand that might work in a pinch. This edition of TRIO focuses on tried and true substitutes for when you’re one egg short!

This is repost of one of our most popular TRIO segments.

1. Applesauce

Use 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce in place of one egg in most baking recipes. If you only have sweetened applesauce just reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe. Applesauce is also a healthy replacement for oil in many baked goods. Not sure about this swap? Check out this article for other adjustments to consider when finishing off your favorite baked goods using applesauce for eggs.

2. Bananas

Use 1/4 cup of mashed bananas instead of an egg when baking. If you sub this in you’d better like the flavor of bananas because you’ll likely end up with a hint of it in whatever you’re baking! This article details how to freeze and defrost bananas for baking in addition to recipes where bananas take center stage.3.

3. Flax seeds

It’s hard to believe, but flax seeds are a popular egg substitute! You’ll need to mix one tablespoon of ground flax seeds with three tablespoons of water. Set aside until the liquid is fully absorbed and then use it in place of one egg. Flax seeds are an incredibly versatile ingredient to have on hand. Here are a few extra ways you can put them to use in your kitchen.

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