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Backyard BBQ: Getting Ready for Grilling
May 15, 2019

Most people consider spring and summer as grill season. That’s not the case for my husband and me. We’re the crazy people who are willing to bundle up in winter coats to get grilled flavor all year long. Knowing this, you can imagine how devastating it was when our grill quit working earlier this month.

Before we set out to replace our grill we did a little research to help ensure we would pick the best one for us. If you’re in the market for a new grill this spring, here are a few things that helped narrow down our selection.

1. What Fuels the Flame

When it comes to grilling, you’ve got options. Knowing what fuels your grill’s flame will have an impact on flavor and cooking times. Do you go old school with charcoal or turn to gas? Not sure which type is right for your lifestyle and budget? Let this guide to grilling help you decide. In this piece, Mark gives pros and cons on everything from cost to flavor to clean-up. There’s even a great video offering additional details. If you’re looking beyond the traditional grill types, this site also links to reviews on pellet grills and electric grills. We knew these weren’t grills for us, but don’t rush to count them out.

2. Features

There’s more to grilling than just “the grill.” When it comes to features, the possibilities are endless. Our needs were pretty basic – we knew we wanted good grates, an electric igniter and a fuel gauge. We’d owned our old grill for several years, and we were surprised by how many features were now available. Common add-ons include side burners, built-in shelving, smoke boxes for extra flavor and rotisseries. It’s easy to get wide-eyed at all of this, but remember there’s no point in paying for features that you aren’t going to use.

3. Price

Grills can be affordable, or they can be expensive. Before you start shopping, I would highly recommend that you decide how much you want to spend. My husband and I walked into the store, and we both immediately fell in love with one particular grill. Then we looked at the price tag. While we didn’t leave with that particular grill, we did end up with one that fit our needs.


This checklist was useful in helping us narrow down our options. Other elements that factored into our decision were how often we grill, the size we needed and how long we wanted it to last. If you’re looking for affordable options, check out this list of grills that won’t break your budget. We decided that since grilling is such a regular part of our life, we wanted a quality grill, even if that meant paying a little more than we planned.


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Cara Adney is the Marketing and Media Relations Coordinator at Meridian Technology Center.


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