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January 22, 2021

Leaders are responsible for creating and maintaining an environment that contributes to employee motivation and commitment and for bringing out the best in people every day.

Effective leaders understand which behaviors influence the success of those around them, and coaching is the cornerstone of that process.

Beginning February 22, Carol Naberhaus will lead a four-week Coaching Essentials Series that focuses on becoming an effective leader. Additional sessions will take place on March 2, March 22 and April 5.

Naberhaus will highlight many of those behaviors that, if practiced daily, will promote and build trusting work relationships through the power of positive reinforcement, setting clear expectations, and giving specific, targeted and timely feedback.

“This series is great for supervisors seeking strategies to handle tough situations, increase communication and strengthen their management skills,” said Marcy Luter, Workforce and Economic Development Project Manager at Meridian. “Participants will have the opportunity to network with others in similar positions and share best practices.”

Naberhaus’ career has spanned over 35 years in several industries. Beginning in 1983, she worked for 17 years in the computer disk industry. She managed various departments, including engineering, operations, human resources, finance and quality in organizations ranging from 75 to 1,100 employees. In 2002, Carol started training and consulting for the Oklahoma CareerTech system for the Business and Industry Services Division.  Her area of focus includes supervisory skills, coaching, team development and project management.

For more information, contact Marcy Luter, Leadership and Staff Development Training Coordinator, at To enroll, visit or by phone at (405) 377-3333 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509.

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