We Remember – Robert Pope

Our deepest sympathy is with the family and friends of Robert Pope. Robert served as part of Meridian’s custodial team since 2017.



Robert was always willing to do whatever we asked to assist us in the evenings. He never complained if we pulled him from a task to help with a last-minute change in class setup or cleanup – he just quickly responded with a smile and boundless effort. You knew the task would be completed with the utmost attention to detail if he was involved, and I appreciated his positive response to whatever was asked. His interactions with our staff and students were always friendly, polite and respectful. He was the epitome of a true team member and represented Meridian well at all times.
– Rena Hines, Director, Adult Training and Development


Robert was part of the team that upheld the high standard of the presentation of campus for our guests. We could depend on Robert to ensure the campus was secure each night and make sure it was ready for students and staff the next day. We are grateful for his service to Meridian and appreciate all he did as a member of our team. I will remember that Robert always had a smile on his face.
– Jackie Pfeiffer, Custodial Supervisor


Robert was easy to talk to one on one and always listened with interest. We connected on a personal level since we had both lived in California around the same time and were close in age. We shared about those experiences and our families – he always had thoughtful things to say about his wife. He worked in our building, was dedicated, and did an amazing job cleaning each of the areas thoroughly, especially the shop to make sure students had a great work environment. Robert will be missed.
– Wayne Ford, Electrical Technology Instructor


Robert was a joy to work with, was good humored and considerate toward others. He was a valuable part of a team that ensured Meridian was a place where students want to learn and our staff wants to work. I am going to miss Robert and when he would stop me to say hi and our chats.
– Jeremy Zweiacker, Executive Director, Planning and Operations


The hours that Robert and I worked overlapped, and he would always check in to see if we needed anything, which ultimately ensured our customers had what they needed. With any unexpected issues that came up, he was extremely responsive. I enjoyed working with Robert. He will be missed.
– Keith Colasacco, Evening Supervisor, Adult Training and Development