COVID-19 Prevention in the Workplace Training

COVID-19 Prevention in the Workplace Training

  • While COVID-19 is new and many people are concerned about its spread, taking the same general precautions used to prevent flu and other virus transmission is the best strategy for staying healthy.

    Is your business or organization reopening or increasing staffing? Looking for a workplace safety reminder for your staff related to the coronavirus? Meridian has a solution for you!

    - No-cost, online training
    - Available on a mobile device or computer
    - Short, micro-learning session
    - Self-paced and available 24 hours a day

    You and your employees will learn general preventive measures for virus transmission, as well as strategies specific to COVID-19. Take advantage of this training for the safety of your team and customers. We are in this together, and Meridian wants to show our support for you and your business.

    Sign up to have Meridian’s Safety Training Team set up your employees for this training. There is no cost for companies in the Meridian district. The cost for out-of-district employees is $5 per person.