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Communications and Marketing Project Request

  • Our goal is to help you be successful. When you're successful that means we were successful. We can do our best work when we have enough time to plan. Because we serve all areas of campus, our workload stays busy. Different projects take different amounts of time. Industry turnaround for items that go out to print is 2 weeks from the time the project leaves our office. If the item mails, you need an additional 3-5 days. Some typical timelines are below.

    Fliers – 3 weeks
    Email – 2 weeks
    Press release/writing – 2 weeks
    Brand new series – 4 weeks. We need time to design all of the assets above. Non-event-driven projects may take more time than this.
    Multiple items needed to promote your event.• Email – 2 weeks

  • Someone from the marketing team will connect with you soon to visit or set up a meeting.
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