Flex Learning Lab

Flex Learning Lab

  • Our new Flex Learning Lab allows you to enroll at any time and progress at your own pace. The curriculum is designed to support individualized study as well as group interaction. Enroll and start at any time.

    The lab at the Main Campus in Stillwater is open Monday-Thursday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    The lab at the South Campus in Guthrie is open as needed Monday-Friday. Designations below indicate which courses are offered at each campus.

    Bloodborne Pathogens $20 at MC & SC
    For people who have a reasonable chance of coming into contact with blood or blood-containing materials as part of their job responsibilities.

    Certified Medication Aide $345 at MC
    Designed for CNAs who will be responsible for the administration of medication to residents in care facilities. Course meets all OSDH requirements and prepares you to take the state’s certification exam. Must be a current CNA in LTC, HA or DDCA with 6 months of CNA work experience, 18 years of age and hold high school diploma or equivalency. See class details.

    Clinical Medical Assistant $525 at MC & SC
    Focuses on the routine administrative and clinical tasks that help keep medical offices, clinics and urgent care centers running smoothly. Learn how to take medical histories, assist with various treatment procedures, and prepare and administer medications. Prepares for CCMA certification.

    Home Health Aide $75 at MC
    Will satisfy 16-hour training requirements to be eligible for deeming onto Nurse Aide Registry as a Home Health Aide. Pre-requisite: Must hold current designation as a Long-Term Care Aide in the state of Oklahoma.

    Medication Administration Technician $70 at MC & SC
    Emphasizes basic knowledge of legal and ethical issues. Students will learn vital signs and how to properly administer certain medications in an environment where acute nursing care is not required. See class details.

    Medication Administration Technician Update $45 at MC & SC
    As required by law, this class meets the minimum eight-hour annual update training in Medication Administration. Must be a current MAT to enroll.

    Vital Signs $30 at MC & SC
    Vital signs are a standard component of any patient assessment. Learn how to obtain and understand those routinely monitored by medical professionals and health care providers.