Career and Technical Education Month - Meridian Tech

Career and Technical Education Month

Throughout the month of February, we’ll be joining other tech centers across the nation to celebrate Career and Technical Education Month®.

Our students are working hard to better their lives and their communities, so this month we’re going to be sharing practical ways that you can help support these “mountain movers” on their journeys.

The Meridian Technology Center Foundation

Shop on Amazon Smile

Shop on and select the Meridian Technology Center Foundation as your charity of choice. You’ll still get all of the same products and prices that you normally would, but Amazon will donate a portion of the profits from your purchases to the Foundation.

Donate Directly

Click here to learn more about the Meridian Technology Center Foundation and to make a donation.

Business and Education Councils

Each of our 20+ full-time career training programs has a council of industry experts and business owners. They serve as advisors for the curriculum and classroom equipment as well as giving students the opportunity to see their industry of choice in action, whether through tours, internships or on-the-job-training. If you would like to learn more or become a member of a Business and Education Council, please call 405-377-3333.

Hire Meridian Grads

Our goal is to make sure students are workplace-ready when they graduate. If you’d like to hire Meridian grads, you can post your job opening on the Area Job Board.

Help Students Practice Their Skills

Hands-on experience is essential to career and technical education. Our students need you to help them get that real-world, hands-on experience by making an appointment at the salon or eating at The Terrace Café. You’ll get to experience first-hand the work of our Cosmetology and Culinary Arts students.

Short Courses

Did you know that we offer over 300 short courses? We get the ideas for these short courses from you, our community. From floral design to first aid, we want to help you find the resources you need to grow personally and professionally. If you have an idea for a class you want to take (or teach), please let us know!

Share Your Experience

You are our greatest advocate. People love hearing about their friends’ life-changing experiences, so tell your CTE story! You can download these phone backgrounds to help get the conversation started.

Start Your Business with Us

Whether you have a fully staffed startup or are still working on your business idea, the Center for Business Development helps entrepreneurs start strong. Check out our classes and events or consulting and incubation services.

Get Personalized Training for Your Team

Schedule personalized professional development for yourself or your team. Whether you need computer, health care, industrial, or safety training or leadership and staff development, we can tailor a program to fit you and your team.