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Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp Plus

Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp is the cornerstone of The Bob Pike Group’s innovative instructor-led, participant-centered methodology. In this training transformation, you’ll be introduced to the Creative Training Techniques® that thousands of trainers all over the world have used to increase retention by 90% and on-the-job transfer by 75%.

Every aspect of Boot Camp is designed for one purpose: to help you deliver results in your training. You’ll leave Boot Camp with actionable strategies you can apply your very first day back on the job.

Boot Camp Plus

Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp Plus is an extended workshop designed for those who want to dive deep into the practical application of Creative Training Techniques®, with opportunities to practice and receive real-time feedback from a Creative Training expert.

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • 20 step-by-step strategies for audience engagement
  • 5 FUNdamental principles of participant-centered learning
  • C.O.R.E. elements of content development
  • E.A.T. model for structuring content
  • 7 types of difficult participants and how to handle them
  • Using the 90-20-10 rule for chunking content to boost retention
  • How to apply participant-centered training for different generations