Center for Business Development Incubator (Stillwater)

Built to Excel

Built to Excel is a consulting business with a simple vision: Provide great technology and training to business professionals and owners to create systems that are more integrated and efficient. In pursuit of this mission, Built to Excel is developing a cloud-based business software that will simplify, digitize, and automate common tasks for small- and medium-sized businesses in the retail sector.

Principal: Jared Mackey

Burgess Aerospace Innovations

BAI is an aerospace engineering company dedicated to transcending limits and exploring new frontiers in unmanned systems research and development. Our team is committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology to redefine what’s possible in the aerospace industry.

Principal: Johnathan Burgess

Ehrlich Companies, LLC

Ben Ehrlich Creative is a full-service creative with full capabilities across strategy, creativity, and technology to help their clients tell their stories more effectively and to create engaging brands. Ben Ehrlich, is an award-winning digital media artist with extensive experience in brand strategy and project management.

Principal: Ben Ehrlich

equivaQ Software

equivaQ Software, LLC is a technology solutions company serving the 3D modeling industry.

Principal: Tim Webb

Ironclad Restoration

Ironclad Restoration uses mixed component epoxies and elastomeric coatings to restore HVAC duct work, flooring, potholes, pipelines, and large tanks/silos. They currently use their products to offer these services but are expanding into selling these products and want to sell them nationwide to other HVAC, road, flooring, and agriculture-based companies.

Principal(s): Gerrod Forquer & Dustin Kunnanz


Founded and operated by biomedical scientists, MaxQ takes a scientific approach to innovating thermal packaging.

Principal: Saravan Kumar

Novilla RNG

With over a decade of personal experience converting manure derived anaerobic digester gas and landfill gas into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), our mission is to enable the American farmer to convert a liability into an income stream.

Principal: Rodney Taylor

Paldara Pharmaceuticals

Paldara Pharmaceuticals is developing an innovative microbial (phage) gel coating to be used to reduce Infections (UTI) by 99%. The near eradication of infections will lower healthcare costs, improve patient quality of life, and increase healthcare rankings.

Principal: Will Colton

Plasma Bionics

With its proprietary cold plasma sterilization technology, Plasma Bionics has developed a cost-effective sterilization device that can sterilize medical equipment in less time, with higher efficiency, and with no water or harmful chemicals.

Principal(s): Kedar Pai, Chris Timmons


Inventor and manufacturer of the RocketSlug™️ Fishing Lure Retriever for Snagged Lures.

Principal: Taylor Disel


SouthernKPM is focused on enhancing or improving HCG detection products for the women’s health market.

Principal: Brenda Vanoven

TEL Education

TEL Education is committed to facilitating equitable access to high-quality, affordable learning in the U.S. We achieve this mission by delivering college-level courses and curriculum services in partnership with accredited institutions and training organizations.

Principal: Vance Fried

TRL Manufacturing

TRL MFG, LLC produces a collector cartridge used in the BioCapture® 650 product which is designed for first responders working in unfamiliar, challenging, and dangerous environments to collect specific air samples to analyze for biological threats.  TRL is transitioning to production of the z750 product line that incorporates nearly 2 decades of engineering improvements to provide cutting-edge air sampling technology in a rugged, lightweight package.

Principal: Mark Prather

The PEAK Incubator (Guthrie)

Bluejay Executive Partners

Bluejay revolutionizes modern day policing as a two-sided platform bridging police officers and citizens neutrally. With a patent-pending push notification system, Bluejay transforms the traffic stop experience. Our objective is to enhance transparency and humanize interactions between law enforcement and drivers, starting with the most common encounter.

Principal: Curtis Foster

Buddy’s Breakfast Cookies

Inspired by her Dad’s oatmeal cookies & the struggle for healthy snacks, Laryssa created Buddy’s Breakfast Cookies: whole food, plant-based cookies and PB Bars which are perfect for busy families (gluten-free, no dairy/eggs/oil!). Perfect for an on-the-go energy boost, all our products are free from artificial colorings, additives, and preservatives – just wholesome ingredients you can feel good about. And her father – “Buddy” to his grandkids, would be thrilled to see his legacy live on as a symbol of shared moments and healthy choices.

Principal: Laryssa Lalli

Can Innovations

Tools and consulting for agricultural products using trellis systems, improving workflow and productivity.

Principal: Alex Burnett

Homes by Gellenbeck

Logan County based custom homebuilder and land developer.

Principal: Robert Gellenbeck

Nonstop Excellence

SEO and Google Analytics for improving search, website ranking, and search performance.

Principal: Logan Holden

Paradigm Sporting Dog

Paradigm Sporting Dog creates first aid kits tailored specifically to gun dogs and common injuries they experience in the field. Designed by a veterinarian and avid upland hunter, these kits are perfect for wing shooting guides, upland and waterfowl hunters, bird dog trainers, or anyone desiring a more professional level field first aid kit.

Principal: Clair Maples

Pinstripe Pedals

Pinstripe Pedals produces the finest Direct Boxes and Interfaces for working musicians.

Principal: Charlie Fox

Teardrop Motion Pictures

Teardrop Pictures brings the original ideas of enthusiastic, awesome people to the visual world. Visual storytelling helps community and organization leaders make the greatest impact on their audience.

Principal: Lazara Gonzales
Website: teardropmotionpictures

The Vida Bars

The Vida Bars manufacture and sell shampoo and conditioners bars for people with curly hair. Vida Bars provide salon-quality products while minimizing the impact on our environment.

Principal: Ana Nunez


Associate Tenants

WayLink Systems

Sunny Day Housekeeping

Danel’s Lawns & More


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