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T4E 2019 FAQs

Technovation4Education 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register online?
Visit our page at meridiantech.edu/t4e and click on the REGISTER link.  After you register, you will receive a confirmation email within two business days.

Do you have to attend all 3 days to register for T4E?
No you do not. T4E enables you to get the training you need with your personal schedule in mind.  Participants can attend only the days they want for only $49/day

How long is each session at T4E?
Sessions vary based on the learning style you prefer:

  • 3-hour classes are a deep dive into the technology with a step-by-step format.
  • 90-minute classes still include step-by-step activities but cover at a faster pace.
  • 60-minute classes are delivered at a quick pace that includes lots of information and content.

Lunch is provided on our campus for you each day from 12pm-1pm.

Are the sessions lecture or hands-on?
We believe that individuals develop skills faster by completing the activities themselves. We have designed every session to have short-segments of lecture followed by hands-on activities.

How is T4E different than training conferences?
Many conferences provide a vast amount of valuable information, but little-to-no time to process the information, apply it to your situation, or complete hands-on activities that develop skills. At T4E, we have structured every session to focus on developing 2-3 skills that you can immediately apply in your classroom or throughout your school.  Every topic is specifically designed by educators for educators.

I am not comfortable using technology. How do I know if I have the skills needed to attend this event?
We want you to be successful. While most of our sessions do not have pre-requisites, some do require some knowledge of a product in order to meet the objectives of the session.  Each session description will indicate a pre-requisite if there is one.  If you are still in doubt, please contact anyone in Computer Training Services to discuss your concern.

Every computer class I have ever attended, the instructor made me feel stupid and embarrassed to ask questions. How will T4E instructors will be different?
T4E has high-quality, classroom experienced instructors that are there to help you learn. Each instructor is patient, has a passion for teaching adults about technology, and is here to ensure you develop skills that help you engage your students in the classroom or help you manage your school workload. We emphasize to all our instructors to create a safe and relaxed learning environment for all our T4E participants.

If I enroll now, but change my mind on which sessions I want to attend, can I change my session selection?
Yes, provided there is space available in the session you want to attend. Each session has a maximum number of participants which is set to ensure every participant gets ample hands-on time and instructor attention.  Contact someone in Computer Training Service (405-377-3333, x208) to change your enrollment.

My school is paying for me to attend. How do I ensure my school will be billed for the class instead of me?
By registering online on our website at meridiantech.edu/T4E you will be able to indicate that your school is paying for your attendance. Meridian Technology Center will invoice your school after your registration is received.

I am paying for my on attendance. When will I be billed?
When you register online, you will indicate that you are personally responsible for your registration fee. Meridian Technology Center will invoice you after your registration is received.  Payment is required in full prior to the first day of Technovation4Education.

I have registered for Technovation4Education but am now unable to attend. Can I get a refund?
Based on Meridian Technology Center’s policy, the deposit on T4E is $50 and is non-refundable.

When is the deadline to register for Technovation4Education (T4E)?
The deadline is Friday, May 31st , at 5pm. Any late registrations will have to be evaluated by the Coordinator of Computer Training Services and will be based on availability of the sessions.

If I have questions about Technovation4Education (T4E), who do I call?
Call anyone in Computer Training Services, (405) 377-3333, x265. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have.