What’s on Your Plate?:

How many times have you said that you’ve just got too much on your plate?

It’s easy to overfill your plate and your life.

Quinn Schipper, Executive Director of Stillwater CARES, wants to help you identify strategies on how to take a busy life to a balanced life.

As the featured speaker at the September 19 Business for Breakfast series at Meridian Technology Center, Schipper will focus on how to use five key life accounts to create less stress and more productivity. Focusing on personal, relational, charitable, financial and vocational accounts, Schipper will help attendees develop a personal purpose statement that they can use to guide their daily activities.

To attend the September 19 Business for Breakfast event, please contact Diane Maddox at dianem@meridiantech.edu or call (405) 377-2220. An RSVP is strongly encouraged.

The Business For Breakfast networking group meets from 7:30 – 9:00 am on the third Thursday of the month in Room 104 North in the Center for Business Development at Meridian Technology Center. Each meeting includes a guest speaker and provides business owners and entrepreneurs an informal opportunity to network and share ideas and experiences. All networking sessions are free and include a continental breakfast.