New Horizons Oklahoma Partnership

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New Horizons Oklahoma partners with Meridian Technology Center

Meridian Technology Center has partnered with New Horizons Oklahoma to offer you a wide selection of information technology (IT) training courses that will enable you to expand your IT skills and potentially provide career growth opportunities. With New Horizons many partnerships with major entities such as Microsoft, CompTia, Cisco, and IBM, the course offerings now available to you locally in Meridian Technology Center’s District just exploded!

Online Live Learning – Guaranteed to Run

Online LIVE training from New Horizons Tulsa gives you access to your training via an Internet connection, and you still receive your course from an instructor in real time. Also, there is no need to worry about class cancellations, since all courses are guaranteed to run.

Why enroll through Meridian vs. directly with New Horizons?

By utilizing this partnership, you will receive a 25% discount off the listed class price. You enroll through Meridian Technology Center and then select the training option that works best for you:

Get Away from the Office

Come to our campus and enjoy our comfortable state-of-the-art computer training rooms to connect to your class. You will not only be free of office interruptions such as phone calls and emails, but you will be able to collaborate with others who are enrolled through Meridian. In addition, classroom refreshments will be served daily. Whether you are alone or bringing a team from the office, this option provides an ideal learning environment for your training.

Stay at the Office

No time to get away from the office? Then enroll through Meridian, but access your class from the comfort of your own desired location. Provided that you have a PC with Internet connectivity, a quiet place to participate and your own refreshments, this option will provide you with the same great training but in the comfort of your own location which still receiving the 5% discount.

Upcoming Classes

For a full list of New Horizon classes, access their website, search and select your desired class, determine the date/time you want to take the class. Then contact us to enroll with the 25% discount at (405) 377-3333, x265. At that time, you can inform us whether you want to take advantage of using one of our classrooms or take the class from your location. It’s that simple!

Contact Information

For further information or to enroll contact:

Kim Strom
Coordinator, Computer Training Services
(405) 377-3333, ext. 265