Project Manager, Workforce and Economic Development

Meridian has been named a Top Workplace in Oklahoma for the past 6 years. The designation is based solely on employee feedback. Meridian employees complete a survey from Energage, a leading research firm on organizational health and employee engagement. Employees evaluate the company's direction, execution of ideas, their personal connectedness to the organization, role satisfaction, supervision and employee benefits. The Top Workplace designation is based on survey outcomes.


Bachelor’s degree required and master’s degree preferred. Extensive direct experience within the Career Tech system may be considered in lieu of degree(s).

Training and/or experience in a manufacturing or industrial setting preferred.

Willingness to obtain Business and Industry Certification through the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education within the first year of employment required.

Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills are required.

Willingness to work an alternative schedule as requested to meet the training needs of businesses and industries in the Meridian Technology Center (MTC) district.

Must have excellent time and project management skills.

Experience in program and curriculum development is preferred.

Must have excellent presentation skills.

Basic knowledge of the following is preferred:

  • Manufacturing processes
  • Industrial safety
  • Quality systems in manufacturing
  • Lean Manufacturing

Essential Job Functions


  1. Assess the training needs of businesses and industries within the MTC district on an ongoing basis to determine program offerings and areas to develop.


  1. Recommend training solutions and services that are technically accurate and appropriate to the client’s business objectives across diverse situations and industry sectors.


  1. Plan, develop, deliver, and implement customized training for business and industry. Effectively utilize project management tools to monitor, evaluate, respond and routinely report on training projects proposed, undertaken, and completed.


  1. Provide leadership and coordination for the delivery of pre-employment and pre-production training programs for new and expanding industry and apprenticeship training for existing industry (includes TIP and Existing Industry contracts).


  1. Be sensitive and responsive to the changing needs of industry and clients throughout the district. Develop expertise in technical areas as assigned and implement training programs in those areas. Interface with MTC partners (i.e. OK Alliance for Manufacturing, local manufacturing consultant resources, Oklahoma Predictive Maintenance Users Group (OPMUG)) to identify, market, deliver, and manage training programs.


  1. Coordinate curriculum materials for training programs. This includes working with instructors to select and obtain appropriate teaching materials and training aids so that high-quality programs are delivered.


  1. Interview and hire instructors for training programs and make sure that all paperwork is complete and up to date on all instructors hired. Evaluate instructors’ delivery to assure instruction is high quality and applicable to the students’ needs.


  1. Routinely contact business and industry clients across the district to establish and maintain long-term business relationships. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all pertinent client and industry sector data. Track impact of training.


  1. Work with local Apprenticeship Training resources to establish and maintain apprenticeship programs for clients. Assist with updating apprenticeship course outlines and curriculum as needed. Assist with apprenticeship roundtables to gather information regarding program effectiveness, modification, and deployment.


  1. Arrange for physical facilities and training materials needed for training programs. This includes a basic knowledge of computer and audio-visual equipment.


  1. Work closely with the entities of each community that are responsible for recruiting new business and industry as well as workforce development.


  1. Coordinate with all appropriate MTC personnel to meet the total training needs of clients. This includes working with the appropriate personnel to assist in the processes involved in course information dissemination, enrollment, and student follow-up.


  1. Make planned and spontaneous sales calls to new and existing clients on a regular basis in order to market services and training programs. Maintain records of contacts and report routinely on results of activities in campus or division CRM system.


  1. Complete required reports and handle correspondence that is associated with the position in a timely manner.


  1. Attend routine school and departmental staff meetings; report on key activities, assignments, and leading performance indicators related to achieving divisional and organizational goals and objectives.


  1. Join and participate in professional associations and become involved in community activities i.e. Chambers of Commerce, Oklahoma Predictive Maintenance Users Group (OPMUG).


  1. Work with the marketing department to promote training programs in a professional, cost-effective manner. Prepare new course descriptions, brochures, and bulletins, advertising, etc., relative to the training and services available. Assist in the development of promotional opportunities, news releases, and success stories. Communicate the impact of training and service delivery.


  1. Assure that all training services are operating in accordance with the policies and procedures of the MTC Board of Education and the Superintendent.


  1. Assure that students and instructors are knowledgeable of emergency practices in the event of a fire or tornado (for both on-campus and off-campus classes).


  1. Must be able to stand on his/her feet for up to five hours and be able to walk at least a mile in one evening. (This could be outdoors, indoors, up and downstairs, or a combination of any or all.)


  1. Occasionally lift items weighing up to 35 pounds (TVs, training equipment, CPR manikins, computers, etc.) and/or push items weighing up to 50 pounds on a dolly or cart.


  1. Abide by all policies and procedures adopted by the MTC Board of Education.


  1. Promote MTC, its programs and employees at every available opportunity.


  1. Accept other duties as may be deemed necessary by the Superintendent or Executive Director, Workforce and Economic Development.


  1. Uphold MTC’s Mission, Vision and Values. Support the culture by living out our values of:
  • Relationships – Act in the best interest of others
  • Excellence – Deliver superior services
  • Innovation – Integrate new ideas with courage
  • Integrity – Model honesty and trust in all we do
  • Empowerment – Provide the framework and resources to succeed
  • Impact – Commit to enrich each life we touch


Work Hours:

8 AM – 5 PM., Monday-Friday, and alternative work schedules as requested to meet the needs of industry and clients throughout the district.


MTC Campus:

South Campus located in Guthrie, OK.

Onboarding, training and mentoring will take place at the Main Campus located in Stillwater, OK.


Standards of Performance

The Project Manager, Workforce and Economic Development will be evaluated on the previously listed responsibilities twice annually for the first three years and then annually thereafter. These evaluations will determine salary increases and career advancement possibilities.

Contract Length

12-month position

FLSA Classification