Plastic Fabricator

Primary Function

Provides installation, onsite modification, and customer support for both fully automated and manual precision cleaning and wet processing tools worldwide. Provide assistance to Quality Assurance/testing of manufactured systems prior to shipment to the customer (when at JST). Responsibilities Include:

(1) Read, understand, and follow work orders, engineering drawings, and specifications to determine optimal fabrication methods required to meet part tolerances, fit, and finish.
(2) Competently fabricate, weld, and finish plastic to JST quality standards.
(3) Use wood working tools, power hand tools, and welding equipment safely and efficiently.
(4) Competently use measuring instruments and contribute to JST’s quality program by following quality procedures.
(5) Utilize a Personal Computer and shop floor control software to accurately track job labor and material usage.
(6) Understand and follow company procedures and act in a safe manner in a manufacturing environment.
(7) Maintain stewardship of equipment, and contribute to the maintenance and cleanliness of the shop.
(8) Perform miscellaneous tasks as required to support manufacturing, engineering, quality, and quoting departments.
(9) Contribute to team effort by achieving results. Work cooperatively with team members, communicate design constraints, and work within the team to achieve solutions

Required Skills

1) 1-2+ years’ experience in a similar position.
(2) Able to read blueprints, work orders, and specifications.
(3) Able to plastic weld.
(4) Technical degree preferred or equivalent experience.
(5) Able to produce accurate and good quality parts on schedule.
(6) Able to use power hand tools safely and efficiently.
(7) Cleans and maintains equipment in good working order.
(8) Follow company procedures, and maintains a safe work area.
(9) Ability to work and contribute within a team



Salary Range


Application Process/Contact Information

Please submit your resume (or download our employment application) to the link at You can also email your resume or application to: