IT Associate - Meridian Tech
IT Associate

Primary Function


1. Installing and training of software applications.

2. Installing, administering, and repairing hardware.

3. Maintaining office equipment (i.e. copier, printers, fax machines, etc…)

4. Maintain security at all levels (employee, application, internet)

5. Assists user to resolve computer-related problems such as inoperative hardware or software.

6. Read technical journals and manuals and attend vendor seminars to learn about new computer hardware and software that will benefit the Nation.

7. Write project reports and documentation for new or modified hardware to maintain productivity within the department.

8. Evaluate the compatibility with existing systems, ease of use, and if software meets the needs of the program or department with the Nation.

9. Be aware of departmental budgets for procurement objectives.

10. Complete any other duties assigned by the immediate or controlling supervisor.

Required Skills

Computer training


8-4 Monday to Friday

Salary Range

$10.00 to start

Application Process/Contact Information

Fille out Application from Kaw Nation Web site and Background application.
Fax: 580-269-2536

If you have any question please email or call me at 580-269-2552 Ext. 224