HP Support Specialist - Meridian Tech
HP Support Specialist

Primary Function

The individual who fills the Division Program Support Assistant position must be personable, able to work independently, follow directions accurately and meet due dates and deadlines. She/he will be responsible for performing a variety of duties for the: Division, health programs, Program Directors, and the Dean of the Division with primary responsibility allocated to the Nursing program.

Required Skills

Strong computer and word processing skills to include:

1] Microsoft Word or similar software – intermediate level or above

2] Microsoft Excel or similar software – intermediate level or above

Demonstrated ability to maintain records accurately.

Accurate typing, spelling, data entry, and filing skills.

Positive human relations and communication skills.

Ability to maintain confidentiality


M-F, 8:00am-5:00pm

Salary Range

$12.10 – $14.10

Application Process/Contact Information

OCCC Human Resources