Adult Education Instructor - Meridian Tech
Adult Education Instructor

Primary Function

Instruct HSE (GED/HiSet) and basic skills literacy classes. HSE instructors teach students in the areas of math, science, writing, reading, and social studies. Each student is pre-tested in order to create a learning program to meet his/her needs. After completing the required hours of class time, the students are post-tested to measure progress.

Required Skills

1. Plan, prepare, and deliver instructional lessons/activities that facilitate learning experiences.
2. Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning lessons/activities.
3. Prepare a rich learning environment where students feel welcome and comfortable.
4. Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for life skills and post-secondary opportunities.
5. Provide appropriate professional development opportunities for instructors and support staff.
6. Measure progress through pre-test, post-test, observation, grading, and tests.
7. Manage student behavior by establishing clear rules.
8. Maintain accurate and complete records of student files.
9. Record student hours into Excel to report each month.
10. Collaborate effectively with students, fellow teachers, and other staff.
11. Keep updated with new developments in subject areas, resources, and teaching methods by attending professional development workshops/conferences.
12. Attend all staff meetings called by the ABE Director.
13. Maintain records and prepare and submit on time all reports required by the ABE Director
14. Utilize work time efficiently on campus during designated work hours.
15. Complete other tasks or projects as requested by the ABE Director.


5 hours per week

Salary Range

$25 per hour

Application Process/Contact Information

Fill out the application; upload resume and cover letter