High school students who attend a high school or who live in Meridian's district may attend career training free of charge. Books are provided to high school students at no charge.

Tuition for in-district adults is $2 per credit hour and $4 per credit hour for out-of-district adults for most career programs. Other tuition, fees and supplies are associated with Licensed Practical Nursing and Radiologic Technology. The cost for books for adult students varies depending on the program but typically do not cost more than $500. See career major descriptions for further information.

In-District (Adult) $2 per hour
Out-of-District High School Students Per State Board of CareerTech Rules, "Technology Center Districts shall charge a tuition to any secondary student who does not reside in a technology center district. The fee for tuition shall be not less than twice the amount of the local cost of providing the program for the student." Reciprocity agreement guidelines apply to out-of-district secondary students who reside in another technology center district.
Out-of-District Adult Students $4 per hour
FULL-TIME ADULT PROGRAMS (In-district) (Out-of-district)
Practical Nursing $4,072 $8,144
Radiologic Technology $4,630 $9,260
Evening Cosmetology    
     Basic Cosmetology $3,750 $7,500
     Instructor (500 hours) $1,250 $2,500
     Instructor (1000 hours) $2,500 $5,000

"I want a life as a forensic anthropologist."
- Savannah Jenkins,