Business incubation is a focused process including management guidance, technical assistance and consulting tailored to young, growing companies. Additionally, incubator clients also have access to many infrastructure needs of new companies, such as high-quality office and lab space, meeting rooms and a physical address.

Incubation services are available on a Resident or Virtual (non-resident) basis. Resident tenants rent space in the facility and have access to all our services; virtual tenants only utilize our services. Clients can easily move from being a Virtual to a Resident Tenant once their business is ready. Or perhaps a Resident Tenant has graduated from the incubator, yet still wants to remain a client, and can do so as a virtual tenant.

Whether a Residential Tenant or a Virtual Tenant, you are treated the same and pushed toward the same goal: to make you and your business successful. While a client of the CBD, companies have an opportunity to learn sound business practices, fine-tune their product or service and make valuable contacts.

In addition to the rich dynamics created by a community of startups at a similar stage of development, the Center for Business Development offers the following:

  • Affordable furnished office space to fit your requirements
  • Shared business support services and office equipment
  • Secretarial support on a per-hour basis
  • Conference rooms with multimedia presentation equipment
  • Shared reception and notary services
  • Telephone services
  • Broadband Internet access

The State of Oklahoma provides special tax incentives for incubator clients. The Center for Business Development is an Oklahoma Department of Commerce certified business incubator, which qualifies resident clients that are in good standing in the incubation program or approved graduates of an incubator program for a five-year state business income tax exemption, with an additional five-year exemption for businesses that do a majority of their sales outside of Oklahoma. Contact us for more information on this benefit.

Virtual Tenants utilize services at the CBD but do not rent space. Virtual Tenants still receive all the benefits and services of the incubator. An example of a Virtual Tenant is an entrepreneur with a concept that is not fully developed or newly established company in another facility seeking peer and business expertise. [Note: Virtual Tenants are not eligible for the state business income tax exemption.]

Common Space
The Center offers a wide variety of common spaces available to our clients:

Resident Tenants
Resident Tenants utilize services and rent space at the CBD. Resident Tenants are companies near the product launch stage or have a product they are actively selling. We also expect that the company will have full-time employees working on the business and in the facility regularly. We offer a variety of space options and configurations for resident tenants.

Virtual Tenants

  • Conference Rooms and Training Room
  • Business CentetKitchen
  • Drop-in Space

Rental Space
Rental Space at the Center is divided into two types: furnished 2- and 4-person offices, and open floor/light manufacturing space.

All spaces include basic utilities (additional fees for high electrical or water usage). Internet and telephone service must be obtained by clients independent of the facility.

Much of the open floor space can be configured to your business needs. Build-out costs will depend on the particular needs and existing space availability.

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