Graduation - Meridian Tech

NEW DATE: Tuesday, May 23 May 18, 2017 | 6 pm | Wes Watkins Center at Oklahoma State University | Hall of Fame & Washington

Event Date

During the original graduation ceremony date, more than 5,000 athletes and their families will be on the OSU campus for the statewide Special Olympics competitions, with several roads blocked and limited parking available.

In working with the Wes Watkins Center, we were able to change the date to May 23 and feel this solution will be beneficial to our students, parents and guests. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and worked to publish the date change as soon as we became aware.

Arrival Time

Students need to arrive at the Wes Watkins Center by 5:30 pm. Please look for and sit with your instructor. Sit alphabetically within your program.


Students should dress in professional attire, which includes slacks or a dress for women and slacks and a polo shirt or button down dress shirt for men. Stilettos and miniskirts are not appropriate attire.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Wheelchair accessibility is available.


A parking map will be available soon.


Party Pics will be taking photographs at graduation that will be available for purchase later.