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CBD Named Oklahoma Incubator of the Year; Recognizes 20 Years of Economic Development Within District
May 15, 2017

The Journal Record honored the Meridian Technology Center for Business Development (CBD) for its service to clients by naming it the Incubator of the Year during the recent Small Business Awards Luncheon.

Dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through networking, education, consulting and business incubation services, the CBD provides assistance in various areas such as marketing, product planning, international business and writing business plans.

As one of 40 Oklahoma Certified Incubators, the CBD is a 25,000-square-foot facility with flexible space that includes 2- and 4- person offices and light industrial space. The CDB currently has 15 incubator clients in residency, and current tenants employ 33 individuals.

Since opening its doors in 1997, the CBD has fostered nearly 80 companies. Incubator clients have access to many infrastructure needs of new companies, such as high quality office and lab space, meeting rooms and a physical address. Companies can be residential or virtual tenants of the Center for Business Development. Residential Tenants access services and rent dedicated office or lab space for up to three years. Virtual Tenants access services but do not rent space. Clients can move easily between both tenant types depending on their business needs and situation.

The state of Oklahoma provides special tax incentives for incubator clients. The Center for Business Development is an Oklahoma Department of Commerce certified business incubator. This qualifies resident clients in good standing in the incubation program or approved graduates of an incubator program for a five-year state business income tax exemption, with an additional five-year exemption for businesses that do a majority of their sales outside of Oklahoma.

In addition to providing a place for businesses to grow, the CBD offers a variety of networking and education events for entrepreneurs and Business for Breakfast meetings where they can network, share ideas and advance their business skills. Additionally, since 2014 more than 120 residents of the Meridian district have attended an Essential Entrepreneurship program that has been taught either at the CBD or in district communities.

To learn more about the CBD visit or call (405) 377-2220 or toll-free at (888) 607-2509.

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