Cara Goes to Class

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to be a student at Meridian?

I have, and with Cara Goes To Class I am going to find out!

Follow me, Cara, as I enroll in a variety of programs throughout the year and explore Meridian's more than 70 career opportunities. I will spend time in a program, find out what a typical day is like from instructors and students, and participate in a hands-on project. We'll photograph and video each session, and the results will be featured on the Meridian website along with my blog.

So, whether I am learning the basics of building, the craft of collision repair or the human side of health careers, I invite you to join me on my journey and see what Meridian means when we say experience is everything.

Where should I enroll first? E-mail me at and tell me why I should spend time in your program. Let me know why I should visit your class, what I can learn to do while I am there and what I can take away from the experience. Plus, look here for the success rates of our graduates.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012

It seems like everyone is experiencing terrible allergy problems this year. Whether it’s been itchy eyes, a runny nose or pounding pressure, the signs of allergy suffering abound. More often than not, relief has been in the form of a prescription or over-the-counter medicine to ease symptoms.

Tuesday, Dec 6, 2011

Follow me from practicing to painting as I explore Collision Repair Technology

If I take a look at the more than 70 programs we offer students, the one that is least likely to be “me” would definitely have to be one of the automotive programs.

"I want a life as a forensic anthropologist."
- Savannah Jenkins,